10 Fearsome Video Game Women You Should Never Mess With

7. Final Fantasy VII - Tifa Lockhart


While most of this list will comprise of women who use tactics, magical abilities, or weapons to their advantage, Tifa eschews all that in favor of a good ol' hand-to-hand ass whuppin'. Even if she technically CAN use Materia...

Tifa holds an honor of being one of the characters in this game that sticks with Cloud, the protagonist, from start to finish, being one of the longest tenured party members for the duration of the (admittedly, convoluted) storyline. Now with that being said, unlike most of the games on this list, Final Fantasy actually has a comparably diverse selection of protagonists when it comes to gender. Even if in this case, there's only one other female protagonist, Tifa managed to stand out among the list of eligible Final Fantasy candidates.

Tron HD

"Standing out" can mean whatever you want it to.

For someone of humble origins, Miss Lockhart wound up with a colorful life. After surviving being cut down by the strongest entity alive in the universe of Final Fantasy VII, the maddened Sephiroth, she recovers from this assault, and dedicates herself to saving both her friends and the planet from his demented desires. As is often the case in Final Fantasy games, there are reboots and extensions to the main games, and Tifa was fortunately fleshed out in her other appearances - and given less "form fitting" clothing.

In Advent Children, a CGI film by Square Enix that expanded upon Sephiroth's second attempt to subjugate the planet, she's seen as a matronly woman, who still doesn't hesitate to slip on her brawler's gloves and get herself dirty - even if Loz ultimately wipes the floor with her. In Dissidia Duodecim (where do they get these names!?), she's further elaborated upon, as a versatile hand-to-hand combatant who finds a perfect niche in a game full of swordsmen, mages, and way too many androgynous villains.

But let's face it - one would doubt very seriously you'd mistake Tifa for being male.

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