10 Features Pokémon Sword & Shield Desperately Needs

10. New Game+


New Game+ is a staple of modern gaming, and Pokémon seems perfect for it, but it’s never been implemented yet. While Nintendo have pioneered many changes to gaming across their existence, they’ve been painfully slow at picking up features implemented by others.

Unfortunately, this means New Game+ might not be on the horizon, despite the various shakeups it could bring. With that in mind, there are some features here which could fit right at home on a New Game+ playthrough, but could exist on their own too. In all honesty, perhaps they're are more likely to.

New Game+ offers players a fresh approach, something which may be especially important given this is the first time Pokémon has come to home consoles for a main series game.

Usually, New Game+ allows players to start afresh but with all the gear and stats from the first playthrough intact. With Pokémon, it could mean keeping all of your party, though possibly with their levels rolled back to five.

It could even allow you to pick up two starters, offering a completely different experience to anything Pokémon has provided before.


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