You might find it hard to believe, but Nintendo is actually over a hundred years old, having been founded in 1889 as a card game company. In a sense, video games are actually one of their newer enterprises, despite having been a major force within the medium for quite some time. One of the key ways that Nintendo has cemented itself in the industry is through its reliance on first party titles, characters and self publishing of its exclusives. Given their age, it’s no surprise that Nintendo has a whole litany of first party characters to choose from, but despite this, frequently chooses to make games focused around a select group of characters with mass appeal.

It’s a smart business strategy, but it certainly leads to frustration amongst fans of some of the more lesser known titles. This itself can provide further criticism of the company, as it is arguable that Nintendo relies too heavily on the same characters and games. Another common complaint is that their newest console, the Wii-U, actually has a lack of games. Some might say it’s time for a change, so read on to find out about 10 forgotten characters that Nintendo needs to revive!

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This article was first posted on July 26, 2013