10 Forgotten Playstation Classics That Would Sell Millions

10. Crash Bandicoot

Once Sony's biggest mascot and on track for Mario-like levels of popularity, Crash Bandicoot, alas, has fallen from grace. It all started way back when Naughty Dog (those mega-talented guys behind The Last of Us and Uncharted) dropped Crash after three games and handed him over to other developers. This saw Crash enter a general decline; his games, while still slightly decent, were never quite as good as they were (apart from, of course, Crash Team Racing, which is awesome). As it stands, Crash hasn't been seen for a few years after several attempts to cash in on the glory days failed miserably. Part of the problem here has been the developers; there's never been anyone quite like Naughty Dog attached to Crash and, if he is to succeed once more, that's exactly the level he needs. We've seen that HD remakes of games can be highly successful (Abe's New n Tasty is a great example of this), but the best route for Crash right now is a totally Naughty Dog powered new title for the PS4. Unfortunately it's highly unlikely to happen; Naughty Dog are hard at work on Uncharted 4 and - quite possibly - the Last of Us 2 is being worked on by another team. Unless they've got a super-secret team somewhere that's also working on Crash, we're not likely to see him anytime soon (at least not from Naughty Dog). A new Crash would fill a large gap in the platforming market right now. With constant shooters and little for kids on the platform, it'd be great to see Crash make a return and show us how much better he can do than PS4 launch title Knack. All the nostalgic adults of yesteryear would also lap up a new Crash, and indeed recently many people got excited when there was a little nod to Crash in a Playstation trailer, fuelling rumours of a return. It's been too long Crash. We're all craving a bit of OOGABOOGA (*insert your own version of what Aku Aku said here*).

Dan Curtis is a gaming-obsessed writer who hails from the North East of England, where inexplicable, hard-to-understand accents reign supreme. Dan is also one quarter of the Factory Sealed retro gaming podcast!