10 Forgotten Video Game Icons Due A Comeback

10. Quiffy



In 1990 Bullfrog introduced us to Quiffy, I cutesy piece of sewer crud with a mission to get overground. One hitch though: his filthy home is filling up with water, there are teddies with teeth in their bellies and the ghost of your old aunt Matilda is tickling at your tail. Offbeat? You bet this game was.

But there really was nothing quite like Flood and there aren't many games out there including bonus levels that can only be unlocked by doing a little jig or boast a message that is plain and ethical: pick up your litter, son.


These days you'll only be able to play Flood on an old Atari or via an emulator. While Bullfrog have never really teased a sequel - the game was a commercial belly flop - and Quiffy met his demise in the game's cruel closing reel, there remains a legion of fans that want this one to be revived.


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