10 Frustrating Video Game Boss Battles You Forgot You Hated

1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Everyone

deus ex human revolution

What happens when you take a game that's reliant on both stat-crunching and a meticulous care taken to ensure your character is best suited down a particular path?

You end up with said character specialising in a very specific type of death-dealing - something that completely falls apart when the boss battles of said game were outsourced to another studio, and come back as needing to be played a certain way to progress.

This has become known as the one thing that dragged Human Revolution right down after an incredible introduction, fantastic world aesthetic and brilliant design in general - it was a huge oversight, and when you got to bosses that mowed you down in a mist of bullets because you'd specialised in sneaking around, it just felt stupidly broken.


Which boss battles had you banished to the depths of your mind? Are there any you didn't think were actually that bad? Let us know in the comments!

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