10 Game Over Screens That Pissed You Off The Most

10. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid Game Over

It's certainly fitting that Hideo Kojima's stealth-action classic Metal Gear Solid has a uniquely eccentric Game Over screen to suit its singularmy barmy story and gameplay, but did it need to be quite so grating too?

Upon dying, you'll not only be greeted with a loud, piercing music sample which double-underlines just how badly you goofed, but you'll have to listen to one of your distraught assist characters shouting "Snake! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!"

Sure, it's funny the first couple of times you hear it, but once Metal Gear REX has decisively curb-stomped you for the 20th time in as many minutes? Not so much.

Thankfully Kojima chilled things out a little in more recent Metal Gear games, even if this one is firmly embedded in fans' brains until the end of time.


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