10 Games Hidden Within Games

When developers went all Inception on us.


Games can be found in all kinds of places, from the living room on consoles to retro-themed bars in arcade cabinets, and sometimes even lurking inside other games.

Some games are to players what dreams are to the characters in Inception - merely the first level of a pyramid comprising more than one plane of virtual existence.

These occasionally take the form of mini-games so different from the core title that they could have been given a standalone release. At other times retro classics from yesteryear have been planted inside modern titles as Easter eggs, unlockable bonuses or a nostalgic distraction from the main event.

This is a trend which dates back across the generations, and it took on a new level of prevalence as hardware grew more sophisticated. By the time the PlayStation era came around, Ridge Racer enthusiasts were playing Galaxian on the loading screen and Chocobo Racing was given a standalone release after debuting as a fan-favourite minigame in Final Fantasy VII.

Although games within games have been delighting fans for decades, this trend is going nowhere, since there are examples of it cropping up on PS4 and Xbox One.

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