10 Games That Prove Developers Are Getting Lazy

Even great games can be sloppy and half-baked...

The games industry is made up of the cream of passionate gamers, who lather their creamy goodness on such unfashionable attributes as hard work, diligence, study, self-denial and sacrifice, and have collectively elevated the humble origins of Pong and Space Invaders to give us the critically embraced and worthy art form we know and love today. Can such dedicated professionals stand accused of laziness? Let us agree first that, in the main, games developers love their art and perform it to the best of their abilities within the many internal and external pressures on their industry. This needs to be acknowledged, but these creative geniuses are human and as such are as open as any to human frailty, especially when their collective genius is distilled through the reason distorting filter of 'Design by Committee'. Let us also clarify and define what is meant by 'lazy': in this context, as the Oxford Online Dictionary definition of lacking in care. The criticism of (some of) the following games should not be taken as a de facto stance of negativity. It is possible to love a game yet still be mindful of its flaws, to spot the cut 'n' paste short-cuts from previous games, to pine for discarded features while admiring the new, to see amongst the modern gaming landscape of milk and honey the one bad apple that the grounds-keeper thought he could kick under the bush. Indeed sometimes the whiter the briefs, the more prominent becomes the stain. Two cardinal sins almost seem to be endemic, even amongst games of greatness: inane gathering of nonsensical items, and the devaluing of achievements and trophies.

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