10 Games That Are Bordering on Physically Addictive

9. Super Mario Bros.

New-Super-Mario-Bros.-U-600x300 The most recognisable face in video game history has been an Italian plumber, who has been in more video games then I've had hot dinners. Mario has had many reincarnations from first featuring as "Jumpman" in 1981's Donkey Kong, and his games have been played for over 30 years by millions over gamers the world over. The reasons for why his games have proven very addictive are pretty easy to understand. They are incredibly simple to learn and play, and in no manner could be considered offensive, meaning young children are able to be exposed at a young age. The colourful characters and multiple levels would attract the gamer into playing, whilst its popularity encouraged them to gain the highest scores possible. The prolongued existence of Mario has seen the broadening of his outreach, and the dominance of Nintendo in the 1990s. Super Mario '64 brought the platformer into the 3D world with seemless confidence, and the spread into Mario Kart and his Olympic adventures have kept his games fresh and appealing, whilst adding a multiplayer element into his games that make them even more prone to addiction. Competitive gameplay and a constant reminder of the score could push players to beat their records and keep them stuck to the controller for hours on end.
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