10 Games That Need To Be Included On A Nintendo Game Boy Mini

Monochrome magic, fuelled by nostalgia. And AA batteries.


Advances in technology have a tendency towards miniaturisation. Supercomputers from the '70s are now able to fit on a single grain of rice - long-grained or otherwise - whilst it's well-established from 'hilarious' flashbacks in sit-coms that mobile phones used to be the size of Scotland. Today, they fit comfortably in the palm of a gnat. Technology has even made the world feel smaller, thanks to the internet connecting people several thousand miles apart in an instant. We're doing it right now.

It does need to be careful about going too far, though. Recent speculation about a Nintendo Game Boy Mini, whilst exciting, raises the question of how small is too small? You can ask any of my ex-girlfriends for an answer to that.

If Nintendo are to release a half-pint measure of their pint-sized portable, we hope its screen is a friend to those who played the original, now of rapidly diminishing eyesight. But maybe requiring a magnifying peripheral is part of the nostalgic appeal?

Likewise - and perhaps more pertinently - we hope the games are right. The Game Boy had a library bigger than Alexandria's, but only a handful of the handheld's oeuvre were worth playing. Like a Grecian in their garden, we pick the best of the olive-coloured bunch.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Benjamin was born in 1987, and is still not dead. He variously enjoys classical music, old-school adventure games (they're not dead), and walks on the beach (albeit short - asthma, you know). He's currently trying to compile a comprehensive history of video game music, yet denies accusations that he purposefully targets niche audiences. He's often wrong about these things.