10 Genius LEGO Batman 3 Easter Eggs You Must See

Bat-Cows, Heath Ledger and dino-teasers all included...

As is usually the way for the LEGO games, there's more to LEGO Batman 3 than meets the eye. It is crammed full of the kind of Easter Eggs, references and in-jokes that fans of the series have come to expect, and there's a massive number of reference points to the DC universe, including some brand new characters and reveals for old favourites. Inevitably Traveller's Tales have been smart about their Eggs - they know that their players tend to play multiple times to complete the requirements for all of the unlockable details and collectibles, so there aren't as many as some might expect. But the ones that are in there are typically great. So now that everyone has had a chance to complete the game's 14 hour story mode, and unlock every single playable character, it's time to look back at the 10 best Easter Eggs hidden in LEGO Batman 3, including a massive tease for which mega movie franchise might get LEGO game treatment next...
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