10 Great PS4 Games You Can Buy For Under £20

Gaming on a budget can be a blessing in disguise.

Naughty Dog

Gaming on a budget? Welcome to the club. Unless you're Richie Rich, chances are you have to pick and choose which games you buy, and when you buy them. With the exception of something you have to play right now, you probably wait for the day it ends up on a PSN sale.

What if you found out there was a myriad of amazing video games available on PSN, for less than £20? That's right, gaming on a budget doesn't have to mean buying from bargain bins and waiting years to be able to play great titles. The best thing about digital gaming - and the reason physical games should die quickly - is that it cuts out the middle man.

Physical games require packaging, shipping, and retail space, meaning the games always cost a specific price for publishers to be able to pay those middle men. With digital gaming those men don't exist, and so games can theoretically be cheaper. That hasn't exactly happened yet because, until physical gaming truly does die, publishers can't undercut retailers.

It means we're currently in the space between, but the good news is we have a plethora of amazing games available for cheap on digital storefronts. You can maintain your budget and play some of the best games currently on the PS4.

So let's help you save a pound or two!


Curtis is from Ireland and lives in Canada now.