10 Great Video Game Sequels That STILL Killed Their Franchises

10. DmC: Devil May Cry

Ninja Theory

DmC was doomed long before anyone ever got a chance to play it. Written off as an insulting addition to the franchise just because the main character received an emo makeover, fans of the series didn't give the game the time of day when it hit shelves.

Which was a huge shame, because DmC was a brilliant continuation of the hack-and-slash franchise's core philosophies. Featuring the same over-the-top action as the previous games, the reboot didn't put a foot wrong from a gameplay perspective, but still suffered because it had the gall to change Devil May Cry's signature visual design.

All because fans weren't ready to give the game a chance, DmC underperformed commercially despite scoring pretty highly with critics. Acting as a false start for the franchise's new direction, the Devil May Cry brand has been dead ever since, and this new version of Dante probably won't be brought back if the series ever returns.

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