10 Greatest Ever Final Fantasy Summons

10. Gilgamesh

Square Enix

Without a doubt the most unpredictable of summons, Gilgamesh can never quite make up his mind.

Starting out as a boss (an incompetent one at that) and the right-hand man to Final Fantasy V main villain, Exdeath, he reappears in a side quest battle in VI, and was later added to a dungeon in the original Final Fantasy remake, as well as FFIV: The After Years.

He switches allegiances in VIII after the surprise murder of a guardian force, when Seifer slices poor Odin in half. Gilgamesh shows up soon after, taking on the roll of random encounter summon, from insta-kill attacks to one-point hits. The Japanese version of VIII, where Gilgamesh arrives in battle muttering “...Bartz...” implies he is pulled through a inter-dimensional rift straight from FFV.

Gilgamesh had a quiet era, appearing as either an NPC (IX, XI) or not at all, until returning as an enemy in XII, XIII (as DLC) and XIV: A Realm Reborn.

He has been pictured appearing in the upcoming FFXV DLC, most likely as a villain, perhaps answering where Gladio got his scars from after leaving the group. Here's hoping the episode does justice to a character that has consistently entertained, challenged and surprised.


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