10 Greatest Fighting Game Rosters Of All Time

2. Tekken 3

If the Tekken series has fallen on hard times in recent years, it's at least due in small part to the franchise's tall task of having to somehow follow Tekken 3. It's one of the best fighting games ever made, and a big reason for that is the game's roster. There's a fantastic mix of series regulars and soon to be fan favourites. Even better, the developers managed to strike that perfect balance of standard fighting game caricatures (such as the karate expert) and the downright bizarre (a fighting log of wood) without ever really compromising the game itself for the sake of one over the other. It's a true joy to explore each character and discover their unique styles of play. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the game's roster is how each character even has their own story that either plays off of the motivations of another character or contributes to the Tekken world at large. It's an accomplishment the series would never again equal.

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