Throughout the years, Square have given us some truly memorable villains that even years later stand out as some of the best in video game history. Their motivations have often been similar, their taste for the dramatic and theatrical plain to see, their androgyny indisputable. Yet for all their similarities, they are markedly unique as well.

From the SNES to the PS2, (no FFXIII entries here thankyouverymuch) the enemies we’ve fought along the way to saving the world have always been as memorable as the heroes that saved it, sometimes even more so. After all, the enduring image of Final Fantasy VII continues to be Sephiroth with his silver hair, enormous katana and slightly concerning relationship with his mother, not Cloud’s blonde spikes and or Tifa’s ridiculously oversized….fists.

Bear witness as we count down the top ten best Final Fantasy villains. Be warned: there will be spoilers, disagreements and controversy.

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This article was first posted on November 9, 2012