10 Greatest Pokémon From Generation III

10 Greatest Pokémon from Generations I and II, I thought I owed the fans of Generation III a list to help lessen their nostalgic needs. We'll look through the new Pokémon that were released alongside the Ruby and Sapphire games which followed directly from Gold and Silver and Generation II. Again, just like in the previous article, we'll look at these Pokémon as they stood in the Ruby and Sapphire games and not as they do now numerous games and tweaks later. Similar to the earlier article, we still won't include legendary Pokémon in this list because that'd be boring and far too easy! Obviously we all have our favourite Pokémon and I do not expect this list to represent the opinions of every reader - in fact, I hope it doesn't and that we can debate which are the best! On the basis of criteria, we'll be identifying Pokémon which look cool, battle hard and whether or not they're still popular today! So, let's go, here are our 10 Greatest Pokémon from Generation III.

10. Sceptile

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.48.50 Grass Treecko - Grovyle - SCEPTILE Treecko becomes Grovyle at Level 16, Grovyle evolves into Sceptile at Level 36 Effect: When a Pokémon with OVERGROW uses a Grass-type move, the power will increase by 1.5— if the user has less than or equal to …“ of its maximum HP remaining I'm not really a huge fan of Grass types personally but Sceptile has always been an exception. It's definitely one of the coolest looking Pokémon included in Generation III with it's offensive looking persona coming from the spikes protruding from it's arms. Sceptile is also a really strong and (obviously) rare Pokémon to have in your party. Sceptile naturally learns moves such as the powerful Leaf Blade and the infinitely useful False Swipe as well as a fantastic array of TM's and HM's such as Dragon Claw, Focus Punch, Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Aerial Ace and Strength. All these moves give Sceptile immense versatility and therefore this means Sceptile is strong against a wide variety of opponents such as the Rock, Dragon, Ground, Water and Ice types. Sceptile is also super convenient to acquire because it's one of the 3 starter Pokémon which Professor Birch allows you to pick from meaning you can train it as you progress through the game rather than be forced to catch it up using the item Exp. Share. Sceptile's strengths come from it's Special Attack and Speed stats - although none of it's stats are actually low these two examples are definitely the strongest in it's arsenal. Overall, Sceptile is strong, cool in appearance and super rare meaning it certainly deserves a place at number 10 on our list.

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