10 Gruesome Video Game Moments That Were Genuinely Hard To Watch

Did you look away?


There was once a time when the media and even the government were up in the arms about games like Mortal Kombat. Back then, the brutal fatalities and blood effects were considered far too violent, especially for kids, and there were many calls for those sorts of games to be banned outright.

What must those people be thinking now? With advances in graphical fidelity and technology, many scenes in modern video games make those old Mortal Kombat finishers look like child’s play. Over the last decade or so, violence has become an increasingly integral part of many games, with some scenes almost too hard to watch.

With high-definition graphics and 4K TVs, watching people get their fingers snipped away or their heads chopped off in video games is more ‘real’ than ever before, and some of these violent scenes stick with us, long after we’ve finished the games in which they were found.

Some of these scenes were purely gratuitous, while others actually contributed to the plots of their games in some interesting ways. Either way, they’ll go down in history as some of the most brutal and gory sequences that gamers ever experienced.

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