10 Harshest Ways Video Games Punish You For Rage Quitting

In Mortal Kombat, quitters don't leave with their limbs intact...

WB Games

Everyone, no matter if you're the calmest or most patient person ever in real life, can completely lose it during the throes of a heated gaming session.

Whether it's because you can't get past a particularly difficult boss or keep getting pelted by someone who is definitely cheating online, giving up and leaving a game when you're frustrated is par for the course.

However, in online multiplayer modes, rage quitters can completely ruin the experience. Leaving one team imbalanced and against an overwhelming force that they now don't stand a chance of beating, there's nothing worse than players who ditch a game just because they're losing.

Not only does it ruin the fun for everyone, but in ranked modes it can completely tank another player's progression or standing in the game, adding even more insult to injury.

Thankfully, some developers have systems in place to either punish or shame quitters in both multiplayer and single-player games. However, in their attempts to lock people into their titles and penalise those who ruin the fun, occasionally studios have gone potentially too far in punishing rage quitters, taking no prisoners when it comes to dealing out the consequences...


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