10 Highest-Rated Video Games On Metacritic - Ranked

10. Grand Theft Auto IV


Metacritic Score: 98

Though it actually lands a third spot on the overall Metacritic ranking, I'm bumping GTA IV all the way back to here, simply because it stands out as one of Rockstar's biggest risks that didn't pay off overall.

Even in retrospect, you have to wonder what critics were latching onto for such an incredibly high ranking. Yes, the freeform experimental mission structure was intact and Niko's story was far more deftly written than the likes of Tommy Vercetti and CJ, but the driving went down in history as being supremely unwieldy - not to mention the annoyance of maintaining social links with various characters and the game's overtly naff brown n' grey colour palette.

In short, it just wasn't fun to play, and though Rockstar shot for a more Michael Mann-esque production and they mostly hit it tone-wise - this just didn't feel fun, nor did it play like what we imagine GTA feeling like as an experience.

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