10 Horniest Characters In Video Games

Oh, there's a romance option? MUST DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

Video game characters have needs too, you know. In fact, judging by the copious amounts of sex some of them engage in, you could even say that their needs surpass those of human beings. Of course, the sex lives of the 'horniest' characters in video games often depend on the player's actions. If the player is in control of said horny individual, then the amount of times the down n' dirty is portrayed on screen is perhaps a bigger reflection of the controller's sexual urges than the character's. But, for the purposes of this feature, I'm working under the premise that the player-controlled character takes every sexual opportunity the game world offers up across its entire runtime. So apply that to a recent Bioware game for example, and you're looking at the kind of promiscuity that would make Caligula-as-Malcolm-McDowell leer lustfully. In today's sexually liberated games industry, characters are more willing than ever to take their clothes off. And who can blame them? Video games are yet to master depicting the less fun side-effects of sex - the next-morning awkwardness, the pregnancy scares, the who-gave-who-an-STI texts. Games isolate sex as an act without consequence, and until that changes then video game characters will continue to rut with reckless abandon. Here are 10 video game characters who have seen the most action, of the sexual variety.
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