10 Iconic Video Game Features Needlessly Cut Out Of Sequels

10. Arcade Mode - Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V in-game advertisements

Despite releasing seven years after the previous instalment, Street Fighter V shipped with markedly fewer features than its predecessor. Planned as a live service that would allow Capcom to release a slew of content in the years following the sequel's release, it meant the base version felt incredibly light on content, something which critics and fans alike took aim at.

Sure, the core fighting was as solid as ever, but that didn't mean much when there weren't enough modes to keep it engaging. Especially if you weren't a fan of the title's multiplayer (or simply didn't enjoy getting your a** handed to you on a regular basis), there wasn't much for offline players to indulge in, as there wasn't even an Arcade Mode - the conventional, tiered single-player mode that comes as standard in most fighting games - never mind a full-blown story.

It was eventually added just under two years later with the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but by then it was too little, too late.

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