10 Iconic Video Game Mascots (That Actually Suck)

3. Chris Redfield

Iconic mascot of the Resident Evil series and zombie games in general, Chris Redfield has always been a pretty sucky character. The SAS style soldier is an archetypal horror protagonist. With his muscular American body, deep voice, and James Bond good looks, if he were in a horror flick you'd know within the first five minutes he'd be the one alive at the credits (probably alongside a fairly useless girl whose only discernible role is to fancy him). The reason he's such a terrible mascot is that he's a steroid-pumped bag of clich├ęs, making everything he's associated with appear predictable to the point of ennui. This has become even worse in his last two games (Resi 5 and 6), as he was pushed over the final step from slightly buff obviously-the-one-to-survive guy to all out megamuscle-Schwarzenegger action-hero. He actually got the, 'I-am-a-soldier-but-my-friends-died-and-it-was-probably-my-fault' backstory in Resi 6, cementing him as the biggest movie rip-off character in history.
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