10 Iconic Video Games That Could Be Made Perfect With Remakes

If Crash's N. Sane Trilogy is the way to go, make these happen.

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'Remaster' and 'remake' have become dirty words in the video game industry, with the prevalence of re-released titles from generations gone by being ridiculed as a waste of time and a strain on resources that could have otherwise been used for something original.

But while 'HD' remasters (often of games that were already HD in the first place) have rose to prominence since the release of the PS4 and Xbox One, it's unfair to lump full-on remakes in with these sometimes admittedly lazy cash-grabs.

Because when they're done right, remakes of good games can often turn great titles into the classics they deserve to be recognised as.

Most famously, the remake of the original Resident Evil made an iconic game even better, revitalising the original with a gorgeous art style and introducing story and gameplay elements that fleshed out the lacklustre narrative of the PS1 release.

In most fans' eyes it became the definitive version of the game, and more old releases deserve the care and attention Resident Evil (and most recently Crash Bandicoot) have received to ensure that they remain the timeless classics players who grew up with them know them to be.


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