10 Immensely Satisfying Video Game Moments

The reasons why we game.


Sometimes, gaming can be an arduous task. You invest in the title everyone's talking about and commit yourself to playing through painfully slow tutorials, repetitive actions and dull gameplay just to say you've finished - yet even the endings can leave you hollow and empty inside.

However, some developers create moments of sheer brilliance that leave you so pleased, you'd easily be mistaken for a Cheshire cat. These moments are quite rare, even with the brilliance of the modern age of gaming, so hunting them out has been no mean feat.

Thankfully, the task has been very enjoyable, as it has allowed me a chance to relive the most satisfying gaming moments of all time - many I'm sure you can all relate to, as well. Of course, feel free to leave your own memorable moments in the comments below.

Let's get started with something we can all relate to, one of the most essential experiences for any self-titled gamer...

10. Clearing The Board - Tetris


As we should all know, the objective with Tetris is to manipulate the Tetrominoes to ensure they fit together in a perfect formation with no gaps at all. Should ten units (parts of the Tetrominoes) land in a full horizontal line, the row will disappear and the player's score will be boosted.

While this is satisfying enough for some, most will pursue progressively grander clearances until massive risks are being taken to earn a massive score. While it doesn't always work for players, when you finally get the straight Tetromino to drop into the gap you want the feeling is utterly blissful.

If only the music wasn't so darned irritating!


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