10 Immortal Video Game Moments You'll Replay Forever

I'll instruct you by codec after you reach your target...

Super Mario Bros.

Ah, video games.

When school/work/life gets too much, those trusty pieces of digital goodness will be there to cheerfully remind you that things aren't so bad. It's the ultimate escapism, and that's why millions would give their console of choice a big ol' hug if it had the arms to hug them back.

Gaming is akin to that movie you stick on to feel warm, fuzzy and nostalgic. There are moments in our favourite games that we'll never stop playing, simply because of how good they make us feel. Maybe it was the rush of a plot twist that got you going, or perhaps just a level you know inside out.

Whatever that moment is, it's always satisfying.

Of course, there's a little bias in this collection of endlessly re-playable moments, but this gamer is sure many reading this will share the same love of classics from yesteryear. So, when things get too much, pop one of these gems in and relive their immortal awesomeness all over again...


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