10 More Incredible Facts Every Gamer Should Know [Video]

Space Invaders should be ashamed of itself...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x24l83s_10-more-incredible-facts-every-gamer-should-know_videogames Everybody loves to have a cool fact or two in their back pocket to make themselves momentarily interesting; whether they be surrounded by friends, family, or random people they've never met. And the general rule of thumb always seems to be that the more ridiculous and random a fact is €“ the better. If something sounds like a massive lie, it's even better when it turns out to be true. But when it comes to pretty in depth subjects such as gaming, original and interesting facts are often hard to come by. Everyone already knows the big hitters, the bland ones, and the facts that aren't really facts, so it can take some time and some precision Googling to come up with anything new. It's ether that or be the person that prattles on about how Pokemon Blue wasn't the one released alongside Red in Japan, as everyone stares at you in silence, waiting for you to finish. So Luckily for you, to save you all that time, we've taken all the hard work out of it by doing a bunch of Googling for you, in order to compile a video of 10 more incredible facts that every gamer should know!

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