10 Incredible Sounding Games We Never Got To Play


I can only speak for myself, but I find that one of the best parts of being a gamer is the pre-release anticipation one feels while waiting for a new game. Scouring the internet for video footage and previews, setting aside a pre-order and just getting stoked to play it in general. Of course, not all games see the light of day, and there€™s a flip side to every coin, so just as sweet as it is to follow a new game, it€™s equally sour to see it cancelled. The demise of an eagerly awaited title is always a sad thing, some games aren€™t even cancelled out right, leaving gamers wondering for years about the title€™s fate. There are numerous reasons for a games cancellation: the budget is too large, there's trouble with the production or maybe the studio decided that the game just wasn't worth it. Often times gamers are never even given a reason. Join me as I regale you with the tales of ten poor video game souls, lost forever and never to be played by the likes of you and I.

10. Star Wars: Battlefront III


But wait, you say, didn€™t they just announce something like this? Yes, I guess they did, but semantics aside, the Battlefront that DICE is now making for EA is not the Battlefront III I€™m talking about, it€™s a reboot of the franchise and their imagining of what the series should be. What I€™m speaking of is the original Battlefront III, the original sequel to the previous games that came before it. The Battlefront games were beloved by many people, but seemingly not popular enough to warrant a third sequel. With the new acquisition of the Star Wars rights and EA€™s already popular Battlefield series, perhaps it is time to reboot the series. The game that most people initially wanted though, was under development many years prior. Free Radical Design was working on it, and they got so far with it that it was supposedly €œpretty much done". One of the neatest features they promised was that you would be able to fight on the ground, hop into a ship and then seamlessly fly into space and continue the fight up there. There was even a lengthy video of some footage (albeit, quite rough) available on YouTube. So close, yet so far. We€™ll never get the original Battlefront III, so let€™s just hope EA doesn€™t make a mockery of a once proud series.
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