10 INCREDIBLE Video Games You Can Finish In Under 5 Hours

9. Limbo


Another puzzle game, but with one big difference. In place of Portal's physics-based puzzles we now have Limbo's mortality-based puzzles.

In Playdead’s Limbo (for goodness sake, even the devs sound grim), you control a nameless boy, who appears to be making his way across the perilous, dark place between life and death.

Just as death is a part of life, death is an integral part of Limbo. The game is full of traps and surprising situations that will absolutely kill you on your first journey through it.

Again, and again.

But therein lies the beauty of this game.

With very generous checkpoints, you are able to conquer every single thing this eerie world can throw at you. Death will have no power over your determination!

(Until you get to the ending and, oh my, you’re certainly going to have some very mixed feelings...)

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