10 Incredibly Geeky But Totally Awesome Remixes

Summer is on its way and no doubt many of you students out there are on your final stretch for…

Patrick Dane



Summer is on its way and no doubt many of you students out there are on your final stretch for the year. And what comes after your hand-ins and exams? Well you all get stupidly drunk and go party. However, I am sure if you consider yourself a little nerdy like me, you can sometimes feel a little out of the loop when it comes to these crazy night clubs and people shouting, “I love this song” as you nod not knowing what they are talking about. You like video games and thus have missed this dance and dubstep fad. But alas, I bring you salvation! You too can now rock these parties and even become the DJ. It is alright. You can use my playlist, I won’t tell any one.

It is an unspoken rule of the internet that if it exists in the pop culture, it has probably been turned into a party anthem remix. Of course, with so many around, a ton of them aren’t really worth your time. However, there are plenty of remixes that feature some of your favorite gaming and internet titles that you could totally play to keep the dance floor hopping. Many of your friends may not even realise how nerdy some of the songs are and wonder how you found all this new music, or maybe you just want to have a lot of nerdy friends over and you want to party to some of your own favorite themes. It is fun for everyone in this hall of pixels, parties and memes.



10. Arrival – Norin and Rad

[springboard type=”video” id=”719789″ player=”what003″ width=”600″ height=”400″ ]

For me, this is the perfect party opener. This is actually part of the official Halo 4 soundtrack that the game’s composer and Massive Attack band member put together with a few talented artists. It won’t be the last you hear of this album by the time this list is over.

This song has got it all as an opener, starting with a nifty Halo 4 theme that is equally epic and expansive that will draw your audience in and the then quickly turns into a true party anthem. It’s beat is fun and infects you in a way that makes it impossible not to at least nod your head. Admit it, you are nodding your head now. I thought so.