We’ve all been there before.

You’re playing a video game and doing so great that you neglected to save. Perhaps you forgot or thought that you might have time later. All you had to do was just one more little thing to reach a stopping point and then you could take a break for lunch. Then it happens.

The screen freezes, your character runs into a wall and gets stuck, you are thrown halfway across the map to your death, fifty sharks spawn to eat you, you fall through the Earth, someone shoots you through a wall, your characters begin spaz dancing, the game erases your files, and that stupid piece of armor that served no importance to you at all except that now you need it to complete the quest has gone inexplicably missing and cannot be retrieved.

In other words the game glitched. While not always a bad thing, glitches in video games have been haunting gamers ever since the days of DOS and Super Nintendo. In more recent years as technology became more advanced and games began offering in-depth, 3D worlds the glitches have advanced too. It seems that the bigger the world and the more open ended the storyline the more of the possibility for glitches to happen.

When you think about it all video games truly are is lines of programming code. If there is a hole or a break in that code than a glitch will be born. Depending on what part of the game that line of code controlled will determine how much of a living hell the glitch can make a gamer’s life.

Or how much we’ll laugh, as some glitches are hysterical.

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This article was first posted on April 25, 2013