10 Infuriating Multiplayer Video Game Levels That Totally Broke You

You've definitely rage-quitted more than you've played them.

Call of Duty Shipyard

Though major story moments or set-pieces are usually the main things highlighted when fans reminisce about their favourite video game memories, the hours, days and weeks spent on the same multiplayer maps in the best competitive titles shouldn't be taken for granted. Often forgotten about, it takes far more skill to create a multiplayer map that fans don't mind playing over and over again, yet the time spent playing on them is criminally overlooked.

You need to theoretically be able to jump into the same map hundreds of times without it ever getting old, with each new round teaching you something new and letting you enjoy countless fist-pumping moments along the way. With that said, familiarity also breeds contempt, and there are some multiplayer levels - both good and bad - that have completely broken everyone over the years.

Just knowing they're coming up at some point during a session is enough to fill every player in the lobby with fear, and no matter how skilled you may or may not be, these maps are designed seemingly to disregard that factor entirely, and instead to throw you into a pit of pure, anarchic chaos.

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