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We all love games that do something a little different from the pack; away from another military shooter or the latest annualised sports title, there are games that actively try to change things up, delivering an experience quite unlike anything else.

However, with creativity comes considerable risk, and as such often developers or publishers will get cold feet, shelving a project or leaving it in production limbo in favour of something that’s more financially viable.

Whatever the reason, these 10 games aren’t getting released, a shame given that each promised a starkly different take on something we’ve seen done to death. Gaming just might have been better with these titles on the market, but alas, we’ll have to use our imaginations or cross our fingers that they are eventually salvaged from development Hell…



10. Possession


Survival horror with zombies has, of course, been completely mined to exhaustion; the Resident Evils, Dead Risings and so on have zombied us out with their quests involving fending off a zombie horde, but Possession had a very bold take on such a scenario…by placing you in the shoes of the zombie instead.

You’re not just any zombie either, but the leader of a zombie gang, able to command an entire squadron of the flesh-eaters as you attempt to wreak havoc on the Prometheus corporation, a chemical company who caused you to become a zombie in the first place.

Sadly, it looks like we’ll never get to play it, as in 2006 Volatile Games issues a statement saying that though they hadn’t actually shelved the project, they had problems shopping the title round to publishers, a claim that is nothing if not surprising and disappointing. The game’s home page is also gone, and we’ve heard practically nothing in the last 7 years; it’s toast.

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This article was first posted on June 20, 2013