10 Insane Gaming Conspiracy Theories

Video games, especially those with large fan bases can sometimes attract extra attention outside of the realm of the video…

Edan Nissen


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Video games, especially those with large fan bases can sometimes attract extra attention outside of the realm of the video game itself, much like any beloved piece of culture. Now that video game fan bases have expanded, so has the universe in which games reside, including fan fiction and theories around the events and parts of the games. Fans who become obsessive tend to create theories and stories to explain certain parts of the universe, to explain it or give it a bigger meaning then may have originally been intended. This expanding fan base, with i’s theories, as well as the internet’s ability to spread rumors have allowed certain fan conspiracy theories to run wild, and out of control.

Some of these theories are clearly created by some fan looking to just have a bit of fun and expand the meaning of the game. While, some of these theories are eerie, and make you think a second time about the game. Other theories are clearly created by people that have too much time on their hands and are looking to seemingly create moral panic out of nothing. The best theories are the ones that seem to work so well in the storyline, and that explain certain parts of games that, while not integral to the overall narrative, made the gamer (or reader) think twice about the events of the game, and how certain elements of the game are highlighted in different ways due to the theory.

The following is a list of the 10 most insane gaming conspiracy theories I found circulating the internet, while some of them pass of for genuinely true, others are rubbish moral panics, or rumours created by fans of the series to have a laugh. Feel free to read though and decide for yourself which ones are true and which ones are just complete rubbish.

Honourable Mention – MissingNo. Missing Link

Basically the story of MissingNo, a glitch Pokemon found in the first generation of Pokemon games was originally a Pokemon that was supposed to link Cubone and Kangaskhan. Originally Marowak, the evolved version of Cubone was intended to evolve into Kangaskhan. However, right before the game was released, developers shelved the idea, and instead of deleting the program code which would have taken time and effort to search, they assigned the code to a missing number, hence the name MissingNo.