10 Insanely Confusing Video Games Levels You Got Totally Lost In

Watery dungeons, levels made from blood trails... who thought these were okay?!

Halo flood

All of us have been there - playing a game that we're completely captivated in, only to reach a level or dungeon where you end up excruciatingly wandering around in circles for hours. Getting lost in levels is a problem that has lessened over the years as games have become increasingly simplified.

Where today we complain about how worlds are too easily navigable, back in the day the problem would be how the hell we're supposed to find our way through them (and remember, in the olden days the equivalent to asking the internet was writing to Games Master and hoping our question was one of the few deemed worthy of being published in the magazine).

So here's an anti-tribute, if you will, to the levels where we whiled away the hours, stuck in their endless corridors of copy-pasted textures or wraparound geography that made them nigh-on impossible to get out of.

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