10 Least Threatening Video Game Protagonists

10. Master Higgins (Adventure Island)

Hudson Soft

The playable protagonist of the Adventure Island series is a pudgy little guy with a grass skirt, a funny cap, and a bit of a gormless expression. He didn't really look like the sort of hero who should be adventuring anywhere, let alone saving a princess from an evil witch doctor.

Fittingly, Master Higgins could die from even the slightest touch from an enemy attack, and even from tripping over rocks or eating aubergines. He was incredibly fragile, making the Adventure Island games some of the most difficult platformers of the 8-bit era.

Funnily enough, the design of Master Higgins was actually based on a real guy named Takahashi Meijin. Over in Japan, Meijin was well-known for his fast fingers and awesome arcade skills, able to hit the button on an NES controller an incredible 16 times per second. He appeared in a bunch of games and does bear a strong physical resemblance to his Adventure Island persona.

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