10 Legendary Video Game Myths That Fooled Us All

Seriously, some people still believe there's an arcade cabinet that kills people.

Gamers, like humanity at large, love to latch onto myths. We'll fly in the face of possibility to go in search of that mysterious creature wandering around the woods in one game, or try in vain to bring a character back to life just because we became so attached to them in a way we didn't think possible. But why did we let ourselves get duped for so long? Some of these myths were believed and pursued for years, spawning books' worth of theories about how maybe, just maybe, there's a possibility they could be true. Maybe these myths are a way of injecting some mystery and fascination into games that we've become so familiar with. Perhaps we're desperate to recapture how we once felt when first playing through them; deluding ourselves into believing that there's more to experience - even though deep down we know we've seen it all. Alternatively, there's the reality that growing up, we were just a lot more susceptible to rumours and hoaxes than we are now. Yeah, that's probably it - there's no way these things would fly today. Everyone knows the alien in GTA V's forest is real anyway. So, let's all point and sneer at our younger selves as we recount these great video game myths that only succeeded so much, because we wanted to believe for so long.

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