10 Major Problems With 2018's Biggest Video Games

Could Red Dead Redemption 2 be Rockstar's first big mistake?

Video Games 2018

The games industry is in a very weird spot right now. Though we've got access to more types of games across all sorts of budgets, the 'triple-A' market is dominated by identikit genres and mechanics. Think mandated DLC, loot grinds, microtransactions, blind boxes and multiple currencies.

Something like Agents of Mayhem is the most obvious example of all these systems made into a soulless - and yet functioning - product, but what does that mean going forward? Will we ever get to the point where such homogenous approaches to game design are rolled out across the majority of what's on offer?

It is true that to get many of gaming's most innovative titles, you need to look away from the top sellers list - and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice proved that there can be a middle-ground between budget and a head-turning aesthetic - but for the most part, 2018 is a whole ton of sequels, and a whole ton of recycled ideas.

Not to say the following titles will 'fail' in any major respect, but there are plenty of outstanding issues that I guarantee are already on your mind - they just need a little prodding...

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