10 Major Video Games Coming In 2019 You Need To Play

What weird and wonderful delights will the future bring?


The mass exodus of triple-A releases has begun.

Barring a commendable display of stoicism by EA and Bethesda, with Battlefield V and Fallout 76 respectively, the remaining few months of 2018 have been left barren by the industry's big players to make way for Rockstar's money-printing machine, Red Dead Redemption 2. The knock-on effect of that migration, of course, is a mad dash to try and find a vacant spot on the calendar as close to the New Year as possible, making for a jam-packed first few months of 2019.

Last-minute delays excluded, it'll be Square Enix and Capcom kicking off the onslaught with Kingdom Hearts 3, and Resident Evil 2's long-awaited remake. A delectable appetizer scheduled to be followed by BioWare's Anthem and From Software's surefire controller-killer, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and that's all before spring has even reached full bloom.

The overcrowding won't halt further afield, either.

The return of id Software's Doom Slayer, Bandai Namco's own spin on the Souls formula and, finally, a sequel 20 years in the making to Yu Suzki's beloved Shenmue series are all on course to hit retail within the next 12 months, eager to rob you of precious sleep.

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