10 Massively Hyped Video Games That Were Instantly Forgotten

Video game hype is a fantastic marketing tool, but it can often lead to anticlimactic launches.


Pre-release hype is a massive part of video game marketing. In such a competitive field, developers and publishers need to create as much noise about their product as possible in order to capture the attention of an audience with so much choice in games.

Unfortunately, with such hype it's a relatively common occurrence that the final product fails to live up to the expectations from fans that game studios have built up. Whether the marketing is too ambitious and unrealistic, or just downright misleading and inaccurate from the get-go, these games launch to very flat, if not negative reactions.

As patching games becomes more and more easy, games in turn are becoming far more streamlined. Launching with unfinished components and a multitude of bugs has become almost an expected practice from the Triple A games industry. Often meeting tight deadlines trumps QA testing for studios, resulting in products launching that barely resemble what was initially promised.

The games on this list are likely to leave you as disappointed as that time your mum told you that you weren't stopping at McDonald's because she had "even better burgers in the freezer." That lying witch.

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