10 Memories Of The Commodore 64

As a child growing up in the ’80s, I had a Commodore 64. It was my first home computer –…

K.J. Stewart



As a child growing up in the ’80s, I had a Commodore 64. It was my first home computer – my pride and joy – and my first real experience of gaming of any kind. My memories of the Commodore 64 are fond ones, though looking back it’s hard to believe that we could have been so enthralled by such a comparatively poor gaming scene – at least when you stop and consider how much video gaming has evolved in such a short period of time.

Today we’re spoiled with a world of Xboxes and Playstations and Wiis, as gaming moves on so quickly, leaving technology obsolete within a matter of a few months in some cases. That said, the Commodore 64 is still the best-selling single PC model of all time (yes, really). With 64k of memory and 16 colours, it was really quite state-of-the art for its era.

Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent Commodore 64 memories from back in the day…


10. The “Ocean” Music


This is the only entry in the list that refers to a single entity, rather than a generalisation, because it was just so damn memorable. The Ocean loading music was the sound of expectancy, the sound of anticipation and the sound of excitement. Ocean was a British software company that was responsible for some of the biggest gaming titles in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, such as the first movie gaming licenses, like Robocop, Miami Vice and Short Circuit.

They just don’t make gaming music like this any more. The catchy tune, the atmospheric tones, the pounding beat – it had everything necessary to excite you during the loading period of any given Ocean release. When I think of Commodore 64 music, I think of the Ocean music, and that’s why it makes the list.

You can listen to the Ocean loading music right here.