10 (More) Forgotten Video Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

3. Battletoads

Battletoads We need a team of amphibians to take down an intergalactic threat, call the Teenage Mutan- oh wait, they€™re busy? Uh...in that case...The Battletoads! There€™s still a lot of love for the three battletoads, Zitz, Pimple and Rash. The games, from the early 90s, are mainly remembered for their extreme difficulty and humour. With games more mainstream and, let€™s face it, easy than ever before, a number of more traditionalist gamers are hankering after the kind of challenge that now seems a distant memory of video games past. A reboot of Battletoads could provide a great chance to make a game that€™s just for gamers again; a brutally challenging, addictive and rewarding adventure that takes us back to our childhood, when games were games, not films with button presses. Of course, the titles were more than just very difficult €“ the characters were great and the graphics and level design were both great for their time. While the original title was on the NES, we€™d probably see a sequel on the Xbox, as RARE are now owned by Microsoft.
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