10 MORE Secret Game Over Screens That Were Absolute Genius

How to go out like a champ.

Doom 2016
iD Software

Loss. We all experience it.

In life, in love, and especially in video games as especially back during the glory days of the arcade, GAME OVER was a common sight on coin-hungry cabinet screens.

Yet I’m here to tell you today that losing isn’t always a bad thing. For a start, in life loss might feel unfair, but it’s a due process of the world, and we should remember the good in people, rather than the bad. Apply that approach to video games, and with developers knowing an entertaining game over can go down in history, they created some absolute bangers for us to uncover.


10. Clock Tower - Running Away

Clocktower Game
Human Entertainment

Now I won’t lie, the original Clock Tower is a mighty scary game. However, there are still plenty of scares to be found as you take control of Jennifer; an orphan who’s just trying to survive the creepy and supernatural events happening around “the Clock Tower” manor.

And by that I mostly mean running away in terror from this guy the Scissorman a gross little Jigsaw wannabe with a real love for the snipping. Therefore it’s understandable if you want to just hold your hands up and say “Screw this I’m out of here”, before heading straight for the front door and a car that’s conveniently placed outside.

The worry comes the moment the car ACTUALLY STARTS, something that never happens in horror films, and as you drive away you begin to think “seriously? That was easy!”

Lo and behold, you’re not alone in the vehicle as the Scissorman is hiding in the back… or more specifically his shears which come into frame. When you think about it, a pair of supernatural scissors is even more terrifying right?

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