10 MORE Terrifying Resident Evil Enemies That Haunted Your Nightmares

Is understanding your fear better or WAY worse?

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Resident Evil is pretty much the go to place for Westernised gruesome thrills, and throughout the franchise there have been tonnes of ugly enemies which have less a face for radio, and more a face for... a parallel universe radio - because that’s how little I want to see them.

Now we’ve covered this topic before on a video you can watch below, and with the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, there’s no better time to cast out the net and collect all the nightmares.


10. Scagdead - Resident Evil Revelations


We kick this list off with a monster would likely turn all of us into snacks with its large array of teeth and biological buzzsaw arm. A buzzsaw arm, that alone would be justification for putting it on this list, but one of the worst things about this enemy who crops up in the quite underrated RE: Revelations, is that the human head that sits on its shoulder... is capable of speech.

Echoing the last thoughts the host had before it succumbed to this awful fate, the Scagdead is a horrible example of a mutation destroying the subject slowly, and while its brute force and terrifying appendages might be the immediate source of fright, it’s the lamenting and woeful final words it spews out that will stick with you after you’ve bested the beast.

Plus, there’s also the charming feature that these things like to puke up what appear to be biological traps, ensnaring the player and keeping them in place while they get to work on with that lovely flesh-ripping arm. Lovely.

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