10 More Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

2. Handsome Jack (Borderlands)

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As impressive as the first Borderlands was, it wasn’t until the game brought out a sequel and main villain Handsome Jack that we had a real purpose to play, a real story to complete, a real itch to scratch, owing to the fact he is arguably one of the most complex and intriguing antagonists in modern video gaming.

The fictional world of Pandora is chaotic and beautiful at the same time, much like Handsome Jack, the omniscient overseer constantly tracking our motions and communicating to us throughout the game, which steadily builds a kind of animosity slash rapport, all the while drip-feeding us information about the tragic events that led him to become the self-imposed ruler of the planet.

Stemming from the abusive relationship he suffered at the hands of his grandmother, Jack was driven to the decision to in some way, shape or form “get rid” of his daughter Angel, who we’re led to believe somehow disappeared his first wife - Angel’s mother- likely as a result of her awesome powers as a Siren.

Lynchwood and Opportunity, two of the only locations on Pandora that have the most semblance of normal civilisation, were started by Handsome Jack, everywhere else on the planet being run without much rule or regulation.

Make no mistake, the voice in your head is still no hero, but he does appear to have much of the population’s best interests at heart, and it’s fair to say he’s been through the wringer, even if he can be a narcissistic a-hole at times.

“Everyone thinks they're the hero of their own story”

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