10 More Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

It's all a matter of perspective.

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A great scholar once wrote that art is a reflection of society, and by that, we take it to have meant that every great video game villain is in some way built around mankind - and really, who can disagree with that?

There are those big bads out there responsible for some of the most tortured moments of our video game careers, but are they all that bad?

Some villains may seem rotten to the core, but their motives can actually become a lot more relatable when we look from a different angle.

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to have the character plots and stories of numerous titles wrecked for you over the next XX minutes, you’ve been warned.


Honourable Mention: Rubicante (Final Fantasy IV)

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The early Final Fantasy games were responsible for some of the worst and best-designed villains of the entire series, including the likes of Garland from the original and everyone’s favourite would-be clown emperor, Kefka, of Final Fantasy VI.

Rubicante may not have been the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IV, but he was a prominent member of the team opposing our rabble of lovable rogues and leader of Golbez’s elemental archfiends. The fire elemental, to be precise.

But unlike most big bads, evil clearly wasn’t the only prerogative for Rubicante, who displayed honour when fighting and was even kind enough to heal your party before every boss encounter with him. Some guys are just too nice.

Rubicante is accused of turning Edge’s parents into abominable chimaeras, but when it’s revealed to him this was actually Lugae’s doing, he even goes so far as to curse Lugae on the party’s behalf.

He can’t make our list because he genuinely did some pretty terrible stuff and just showed shades of being a nice guy at times, but an honourable mention seems fair.

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