10 Most Annoying Video Game Characters Ever

7. Devil Jin (Tekken 6)

Tekken 6 is a wonderful game with some truly great characters. However, it brings with it from its predecessor one of the most annoying fighters to be conceived: Devil Jin. Whilst Jin himself is nothing special in many ways, his demonic counterpart is arrogant, evil and cheap in his fighting. In what is essentially a hand-to-hand €“ and crucially ground-based €“ fighting game, he has wings. They come in pretty handy with his plethora of uncounterable attacks, and they€™re also quite useful when he wants to be a coward, and run to the other side of the stage, far away from his opponents. From where he can use his eye beam. Once more, for effect: he can shoot laser beams from his face. In what universe is that fair in a combat game?! Just to make him more annoying to fight, he can do this from the sky, because €“ did I mention this already? €“ Devil Jin has wings. Just to add insult to injury, all his aerial moves start in the same way, so even if you try and counter it, you won€™t know which spine-shattering attack is coming until it€™s too late, and he is force-choking your character€™s corpse in the post-battle cut scene.
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