10 Most Awesome Video Game Enemies

9. The Gatherers (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

Just look at the above image; it's enough to strike fear into the heart of just about anyone who would dare pick up a controller and start playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is easily one of the creepiest games I have ever played. The protagonist is not even able to kill The Gatherers, simply flee and hide from them, and if you stand around for too long, they'll make short work of you after letting out a spine-tingling, blood-curdling scream. Add to this the fact that the Gatherers are capable of toying with you, and will begin to eradicate your sanity if you stare at them for more than a few seconds. More than simply killing you like most video game enemies, they are prepared to erode your mind to a pile of goo, which is frankly even more scary and insidious.
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