10 Most Badass Backstories In Mortal Kombat History

10. Ashrah

A Netherrealm demon and former member of Quan Chi's Brotherhood of the Shadow; Ashrah's story is one of redemption. After refusing one of Quan Chi's orders the sorcerer ordered her death; during her escape she discovered the holy sword Kriss that allowed her to kill demons while simultaneously cleansing her soul of evil. Realizing that this would allow her to ascend from the Netherrealm; she set about slaying demons. Kriss, really the Datusha, was using her to it's own end; it tricked her into thinking she was the chosen warrior of celestial beings and would ascend to become an angel of light if she continued to feed it. Ashrah was transported by these beings to the vampire Realm of Vaeternus where she began to slay multitudes of the vampire race until she was defeated by Nitara. To draw a line under this and summarize Ashrah's badass credentials; she is a demon that wants to become an angel. The way she goes about this is by slaying other demons and vampires; going as far as to seek to destroy Blaze to gain his power to aid her in her quest.

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